The Harmony of Grey: Common Projects Achilles Low Gummy Sneakers

Dave White | Thursday, December 08, 2016 | 0 comments

Common Projects Achilles Low Gummy Sneakers

Have a yen to keep it clean and suave this season without donning hard bottoms then Common Projects may be the answer.  The brand always offers up exquisite leather and clean minimal styling to ensure timelessness and quality guaranteed.  This slick color way to their famed Achilles Low silhouette is no exception.  Executed in a somber cool grey, the Achilles Low 'Gummy' is a tonal handsome offering that can be paired quite nicely with everything from cozy cuffed flannels to camel double breasts to super trim denim as the color keeps a value that nods to what black or white can do to a look, only in a nice grey middle tone.  Available now at

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