Shoe of the Day | Aethon Ulyse Calypso Heels

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, March 20, 2017 | 0 comments

Be still my heart, there's a new footwear brand that has captured a big portion of my heart, and we're positive one look will do the same for you. Fest your eyes on the above Aethon Ulyse Calypso Heels, a spectacular rose gold beauty of epic style and sensuality. This one-of-a-kind caged sandal boasts chandelier style chain detail that runs across the straps of its upper, cascading down the vamp, a 100% Italian metallic leather upper, a leather tie closure at the front, a 24k hammered gold leaf insole, and 4" stiletto heel. This bit of luxury can be yours for $605.00 from their website,

Since we're sure, many of you shoe lovers will eventually have a few pairs of their luxe footwear, you'll want to know them better. The Aethon Ulyse Footwear brand has a continental upbringing. The luxury footwear brand is based in Paris and New York, inspired by the Greek myths on which the Mykonos-born footwear designer ​was raised, with all the shoes beautifully handcrafted in Italy, by artisans whom have dedicated their lives to making the world's finest shoes.That's influence from four very stylish and fashionable destinations.

Every pair of Aethon Ulyse shoes convey the universal language of confidence, power, and sensuality blended together to celebrate and bathe the wearer with an unspoken strength, championing her seductive nature, and strength..

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