Shoe of the Day | Gray Matters Mildred Egg Mules

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, April 10, 2017 | 2 comments

Stunning shoes like these are the reason we started writing about footwear in the first place. These stunning mules are absolutely beguiling in their simplicity, geometric silhouette, and modern design. Boasting a nappa upper, V-neck shaped vamp, almond-shaped toe, and a 1.6” egg-shaped (hence its name), hand-carved and painted wooden heel, the Gray Matters Mildred Egg Mules will surely be your go-to shoes for spring.

The Mildred Egg is available in five colors - Pesca (peach), Taupe, Azzurro (azure), Giallo (yellow), and Nero (black); each pair retails for $525.00 and includes an additional set of heel caps. Get your favorite color on

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  1. GORGEOUS!! Wish I could afford but still......

    1. Yes, it's a gorgeous shoe and I also wish I could own a pair, or all