By Land And By Sea: SWIMS Breeze Leap Laser Shoes

Dave White | Thursday, June 01, 2017 | 0 comments

SWIMS Breeze Leap Laser Shoes

Sitting on the deck after just having finished a great meal at sunset then you decide to take a quick walk to the shoreline.  Cuff your textured linen trousers and choose to don or remove your shoes.  not possible with all Summer footwear, but possible with SWIMS.  Originally pegged as a water shoe the brand has gone on to adopt styles and technologies to allow for lightweight comfort and land-to-sea versatility.  There Breeze Leap Laser Shoe is no exception.  With a light laser cut upper and breathable panels for a cosmopolitan design edge, these shoes are a perfect choice for Summer comfort in the city or by the shore.  Available now in all five color ways at

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