Interlaced And Light: Keen Footwear Uneek O2 LTD Shoes

Dave White | Wednesday, June 07, 2017 | 0 comments

Keen Footwear Uneek O2 LTD Shoes

The season calls for it.  It may seem a bit tree-hugging for some but this shoe can be quite a cool urban item too.  Keen Footwear's Uneek O2 LTD Shoe is a cool shoe that is part sandal and part water shoe but is all comfortable and practical.  The upper is an interesting interlacing of nylon cording and neoprene panelling that lets the air in so that the toes can breathe but also stay dry.  This is all anchored onto and ergonomic white rubber sole to ensure comfort.  The closure is a side release closure for easy on and off.  Picture this with cuffed cropped trim khakis or breezy loose joggers pushed up to the calf.  Available now at

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