Aethon Ulyse Fall/Winter 2017 Luxury Footwear Collection

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, August 14, 2017 | 0 comments

We've teased you once or twice with highlights of some of our favorite shoes from this gorgeous luxury footwear brand. We know you've loved them, and we're happy to introduce you to more from the Aethon Ulyse Fall/Winter 2017 Luxury Footwear Collection. Their Fall/Winter 2017 collection is changing the way people feel about heels thanks to the brand's technology, rare materials, and stunning shoes.

Designed and handcrafted entirely in Italy, each pair of shoes are built upon unique components like iridescent paneling, mirror studs, mink fur, chantilly lace, and bold suede. From gothic glam revival pieces stacked on swarovski jeweled heels, to fuschia pink Marie Antoinette-esque block heels and seductive cut out ankle booties, the luxury footwear styles from Aethon Ulyse will make you memorable.

To celebrate the latest luxurious collection, Aethon Ulyse held a private viewing at Aire Ancient Baths & Spa where models were painted gold while wearing heels from the new collection, select styles from the collection decorating the exclusive spa, and a harpist setting the mood for an evening of resplendent leisure as guests fawned over the luxury shoes and took advantage of spa services.

Created by Payden Sewell, founder and creative director of Aethon Ulyse, the footwear brand stresses emphasis on long-lasting comfort, offering each pair with a lifetime warranty guarantee. Officially launched in 2016, Aethon Ulyse is inspired by Greek myths and the beauty of different cultures, which you can clearly see in this collection. For more shoes from the collection, check out the slideshow below:

What are your thoughts on the Aethon Ulyse Fall/Winter 2017 Luxury Footwear Collection? Could this be your next footwear obsession? For more information, visit the Aethon Ulyse Facebook page.

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