As Slick As They Are Studded: Marques Almeida Black Patent Studded Sneakers

Dave White | Monday, August 07, 2017 | 0 comments

Marques Almeida Black Patent Studded Sneakers

Aggressive with a slick edge.  That's the way to describe these Black Patent Studded Sneakers from Marques Almeida.  The upper is a shiny patent leather with large marble-sized studs strewn about the inky slick surface.  Anchoring from the top and bottom are wide off-white laces and a sturdy off-white sole.  Don't let the punkiness dissuade you, let it inspire you!  Pair these with menswear textured trousers, ratty denim or even oversized cropped trousers and just have fun with them and their modern dress up dress down appeal.  Available now at

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