Melissa Shoes Celebrates The Future of Her with New Galeria Space in NYC

Dynelle Skinner | Wednesday, August 02, 2017 | 0 comments

After over a year of anticipation, the absolutely stunning location of Melissa Shoes Galeria Soho, NYC is finally open. The shoe haven has officially moved from it's smaller Greene Street location to it's brand new, and literally visually electrifying location.

Our hearts were aflutter (okay it was more like heart palpitations) as we stepped through the concept store's futuristic entrance, which features a huge LED installation with mirrors for a kaleidoscope effect, and into this ode to amazing shoes and modern art installations. The eye-catching location boasts three large main rooms and a one smaller room to the side. The main room is for exhibitions and of course where the sales of the drool-worthy Melissa Shoes take place. To the back of this main room is a dimly lit lounge featuring a massive "green wall" made up of real, live plants. This lounge also serves as a sort of reclusive area for those who are shy about trying the Melissa Shoes in front of others. The smaller room is dazzling! You'll love the ever-changing sequence of lights, colors and patterns, it's truly mesmerizing.

Located at 500 Broadway (between Spring and Broome, just north of the Soho Bloomingdales), the breathtaking retail location/immersive art gallery was curated and designed by new, contemporary artists, Muti Randolph, and the Bennett Sisters, featuring work by Signe Pierce and Sam Cannon, to celebrate and connect the NYC’s emerging artists, and to supporting young, local talent. The new Galeria Melissa NYC promises to art exhibitions that will rotate four times a year. "The Future of Her," an immersive, experiential gallery that is inspired by themes of women’s empowerment, cyber-feminism, gender, and sustainability.

As always, Melissa Shoes are 100% cruelty-free, highly fashionable, made of recyclable plastic, and sustainably manufactured for the most minimal footprint possible. We cannot stress enough how much we enjoyed our visit to the new Melissa Shoes Galeria in Soho,we can't wait to go back, and we know you'll be blown away by the amazing art installations and of course the to-die-for shoes. Happy shoe shopping!

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