A Brogue Blooms In The Fall: Alexander McQueen Biker Brogue Shoe

Dave White | Thursday, September 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Alexander McQueen Biker Brogue Shoe

Your brogue needn't be mundane.  The team at McQueen always seems to offer up a handsome and exciting brogue to liven up your Harris tweeds and gloomy Glenplaids.  The Biker Brogue Shoe gives you the edge of the label paired perfectly with the classic reinterpretations the label is known for as well.  The upper features cool biker silver buckle detailing, long-wing brogue tooling, serrated edging on textural leathers and a beveled heel detail.  What can't you pair these handsome gems with?  Rock them out the a great overiszed pea coat, an inky sweet biker jacket or with a cozy sweater and square cut jean jacket and stomp into Fall with confidence.  Available now at EndClothing.com.

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