Conflict Resolution: Gucci Blue Effacer GG Sneakers

Dave White | Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 0 comments

Gucci Blue Effacer GG Sneakers

This fun thing about modern menswear is that it quite often gets fun and veers completely away from wing-tips and penny-loafers.  One of the brands that plays with setting the tone of menswear by bridging the divide between what men can wear and what men have been conditioned to wear is Gucci.  Their new Blue Effacer Sneaker is a very fun walk into a high-brow kaliedoscopic sneaker with its all-over logo embroidery, branded twill detailing, slim-toned gum sole and bee branding.  A busy sneaker like this with leather, textile and embellishments can work with khakis, denim and even coordinated check or patterned trousers.  The idea is to have celebratory dandy-like fun without sacrificing the quality synonymous with menswear.  Available now at

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