Confidently Custom Made: The Secret Shoe from Oliver Sweeney X

Dave White | Wednesday, November 01, 2017 | 0 comments

Admittedly I've been in numerous instances while on a date where I wanted to initiate that passenger ejector seat from the James Bond 'Goldfinger' film to free me up to enjoy my cocktail without the  annoying company.  Then, how handy could that switchblade shoe donned by the surly femme fatale in 'From Russia With Love' be when traipsing home after a night of cocktail imbibing in Soho?  Then while laptop bags and luggage with built in battery chargers have become toned-down versions of that tricked out briefcase from that same 'Goldfinger' flick, we've still quite a way to go until the 'smart' moniker can attach itself to our everyday clothing and not just our phones.  Until now it seems.

Think of it as a sign-of-the-times-to-come meeting with keeping a classic heritage alive.  That is what The Secret Shoe is, a collaborative effort from the skilled hands of Oliver Sweeney and the luxury Rolodex site  The Secret Shoe is an exquisitely handcrafted deerskin derby that gives you classic handsome on the outside and forward tech savviness on the inside.  However, the privy gent won't miss a step.  The Secret Shoe is sleek and clean as any discreet spy gadget would be, but appropriately handsome and polished as any true modern luxury mens item should be.  

The Secret Shoe is an elegant bespoke shoe that can contain up to 6 gizmos (3 in each shoe) from a list of 12 including: the world’s smallest phone; a tiny video/still camera; a mini Swiss Army knife; a tracking device; a minute aftershave atomiser with Oliver Sweeney fragrance; a choice of currency capsule (£50; €50; or $50); and the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring.  

Long-CZ, the world’s smallest and thinnest phone is the size of a thumb, weighs less than 20 grams and includes a radio, voice changer, text voicemail and call options all using a micro sim.  This would allow you to call your own phone to try and locate it or phone a taxi or even the police.  Another remarkable option is Enklov, the smallest pocket spy camera, which is enabled with night vision, motion detection and can take HD videos and photos.  Kerv, the world’s first contactless payment payment ring, is an attractive slim ring that pays for everything anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments.  

The gadgets are hidden within the shoe and covered with the inner sole, which can be easily peeled back ensuring they remain a secret to everyone but the owner.  Additionally, any purchaser who wishes to hide a spare key can request a specially cut space within one of the shoes to accommodate it.  The shoes, handmade in the renowned Ancona, Italy, are made from sumptuous deerskin and are available in black, brown and tan and has the tenured expertise of Tim Copper, Chief Cobbler at Oliver Sweeney.  Other sweet details to this groundbreaking derby are indestructible Kevlar laces, the durable material that makes parachute cords, pristine tattooing from Henry Hate whose inscriptions will include the purchaser's name, blood type, address & GPS coordinates and whatever other details deemed pertinent.  There are over 70 stages to perfecting this benchmark shoe to ensure that the gadgets the purchaser choose fit accurately into their specific compartment within the sole and the handcrafted process takes 2 weeks to complete.  Now you can sip that martini, court that beauty, remain unassumingly connected while stepping dapperly attired with confidence and ease to battle the villains of your modern day.   

The Secret Shoe is available now at and through

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