Home (And Hosiery) For The Holidays: Blacksocks

Dave White | Friday, November 17, 2017 | 0 comments

Tantamount to any shiny slim tie bar, characteristic characters on a bowtie or quirky pair of sterling cufflinks can be a great pair of socks.  With hemlines tailored to hit the shoe, skim the shoe, graze the ankle and float around the calves, modern pants are leaving the way for men to find expression in their hosiery.  So with the hosiery no longer trapped under pleated gaberdine and indigo 12 ounce denim, socks have reemerged as those below the waist cherries on top that can complete the outfit.

So with a greater emphasis on socks, why not make them more two-fold.  Comfort and charisma are unleashed especially with a company like Blacksocks.  Since 1999 the company has been offering quality underwear, tees and socks in comfortable fabrics to leave men feeling comfortable and confident.  The achieve this by making sure you'll always have socks available with 'sockscriptions' that customers can choose from to make sure they always have socks all year long.  Customers can choose from Blackjacks' vast array of categories like calf socks classic (best-seller), business light (smooth, light wash-resistant shine), urban comfort (soft, padded stress-points) and merino wool (hear regulation, moisture wicking).  There's also the category of funky socks that have the energy, color and exhubernace perfect for those of you who need character and liveliness to your hosiery.

This is a very handy (also very logical and practical) gift for yourself or to give as a gift to the dandy, they guy who hates to shop, the youngster and the seasoned gent alike this holiday season.  For more into on Blacksocks, their sockscriptions and their complete product line visit Blacksocks.com and get ready to cross several me off your list this holiday season.

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