Dapper With Drink In Tow: Oliver Sweeney X Talisker Skye Boot

Dave White | Thursday, December 07, 2017 | 0 comments

Oliver Sweeney X Talisker Skye Boot

This is what you get when you link a tenured menswear company with a pristine Scottish whiskey company.  The Oliver Sweeney X Talisker Skye Boot is a pretty perfect holiday collabo.  First the Skye Boot features hand-burnished Italian leather, Sweeney's durable St. Moritz sole with branded wood detailing, compass detail sewn into the inner collar, a 2 ounce engraved hip flask pocket sewn onto the shaft, and polished silver eyelet hardware.  Into that hip flask pocket fits a silver flask to hold your premium Talisker Scottish Whiskey which is also included with the boot (70cl size) and packaged in an engraved  hinged wooden keep-sake holiday box.  This is a very nice holiday gift for that gent who like great polished detail with his equally polished drink.  Available now at OliverSweeney.com.

Please note: For orders outside the EU we will not be able to ship the gift set with the Talisker Whiskey. Please telephone +(0)800 622 6030 so that they may arrange an alternative delivery option for you.

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