Brogue Boots For The Beau: George Cleverly Toby Leather Brogue Boots

Dave White | Tuesday, January 30, 2018 | 0 comments

George Cleverly Toby Leather Brogue Boots

My love affair with menswear plaids, stripes, herringbones, nailheads, birdseyes, chevrons, tweeds and tartans knows no end.  The way designers update and play with them keep them fresh and enticing to each generation.  When paired with the classic appeal of brogues, menswear textiles look appropriately familiar.  Try cropped trim trousers with these Toby Leather Brogue Boots from George Cleverly.  The upper is a slick polished leather with a slim shaft, brogue tooling and a Dainite sole that completes the dapper look.  Not to mention that it also creates a nice finisher to those textiled trousers be they classic, cropped or avant in cut.  Available now at

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