Remixing The Moccasin For The Mister: Oliver Sweeney Genoa Slip-On Moccasin

Dave White | Monday, February 05, 2018 | 0 comments

Oliver Sweeney Genoa Slip-On Moccasin

Ahh that time is fast approaching when the green regrows, the warm breeze returns and you may want a more intimate experience for your feet.  Oliver Sweeney has got a gem of a shoe to satisfy your sartorial need to dress up and down for Spring.  The Genoa is a Slip-on Moccasin made of a buttery soft and strong textured deerskin leather and features a calf leather lining, wood sole and is handmade in Italy.  Pair this nicely with a trim copped Spring suit sans socks if preferred or a seasonal sweater and denim.  Available now in both colors at

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