Rock The Spot: Amiri Suede Bandana Buckle Boots

Dave White | Thursday, February 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Amiri Suede Bandana Buckle Boots

The diversified menswear market is one like menswear has never seen before.  Thankfully so since tech style, streetwear style, avant gard style, tailored style, androgynous style and rocker style can not just exist together in the market but also find ways to harmoniously exist oftentimes in the same outfit.  This Suede Bandana Buckle Boot is a cool walk for the modern designer of slim showy distressed menswear Mike Amiri.  The upper is a crisp suede that features a black and white printed bandana that is wrapped monkstrap style around the shaft and anchored to buckles on the outer side of the boot.  Driving the luxe rocker vibe home is a reverse stirrup silver chain anchored by a black suede tab across the vamp.  The silhouette is cool and modern and the effect is a nice twist on modern trendy rock style.  Available now in both color ways at

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