Shoe of the Day | DZR Shoes Limited Zurich V2.0 Cycling Boots

Dynelle Skinner | Tuesday, February 27, 2018 | 0 comments

When it comes to the bicycling culture and fashion, it's always more about the act of going for a bike ride in whatever you have on rather than the style. When we usually think of bicycling fashion, we think of brightly hued, spandex and cycling shoes for those serious about the sport. or jeans, etc and whatever shoes you're wearing at the moment for the casual rider. DZR Shoes, makers of stylish clipless SPD compatible casual bike shoes is adding more fashion and into the bicycling world with their range of footwear. The latest women's shoe launch, the DZR Shoes Limited Zurich V2.0 Cycling Boots, is a stylish example.

DZR Shoes combines style with function to create a better cycle-centric lifestyle. Minimalist in design the women's Zurich 2.0 Cycling Boots features a nubuck leather upper with a full-length side zipper closure, a leather inner lining that hugs and forms to the foot and is very breathable for unmatched comfort. The Zurich utilizes a Variable Flex Shank that has been optimized to provide solid power transfer when riding without inhibiting walkability. It boasts a natural gum rubber sole, allowing for durable and optimum grip on a variety of surfaces.

”Just about the only clipless shoes you would want to wear with a skirt, ‘cause we can mash on our pedals and still wear a dress.” - Shane: Owner/Designer

Available in limited quantities in two colors - burgundy and steel blue, the highly functional cycling Zurich 2.0 boot is designed for the discerning cyclist that wants a fashion piece that performs. Get your favorite limited colors for $229.00 on

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