Rubbers For Non-Rainy Days: Both Galosh Graphic Foxing Sneakers

Dave White | Monday, March 12, 2018 | 0 comments

Both Galosh Graphic Foxing Sneakers

The season may call for you to bring a bit of surface to your flat blacks.  Your call is answered as in walks Both, a Parisian brand that takes the natural plasticity of rubber and merges it with exquisite craftsmanship for unique forward footwear.  Their Galosh Graphic Foxing Sneaker is a cool walk into how the brand experiments with its aesthetic in that the crisp leather upper is partially dipped in rubber forgoing the functionality on the laces but still allowing the wearer to get it on and off without hassle.  Nice details like the bumper molding on the sole and heel make this a nice walk into clever concept and execution while walking the line between classic styling and forward design.  Available now in both color ways at

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