Modern Moto: Givenchy GV Motocross Print Sneakers

Dave White | Tuesday, June 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Givenchy GV Motocross Print Sneakers

There's an approach to dressing to focuses on buying neutral quality staples that can work from season to season year after year.  However, when more people today want those labels that offer quality start to mix up it with more artistic and often whimsical pieces, it also speaks to a modern view of dressing that embodies the quick-paced multimedia mash-up society we live in.  Quality, design and eye-catching is desired which is why a sneaker like this GV Motocross Print Sneaker from Givenchy is cool.  It has enough minimal detailing mixed with the popping colorful motocross graphic printed on the vamp to offer the wearer the quality of a well-made sneaker with the pop & trend of a being of the moment.  Available now at

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