Craftsmanship At The Cobbler: Feit Runner

Dave White | Thursday, August 02, 2018 | 0 comments

Feit Runner

When handmade artisanal goes right, it's a thing of beauty.  Feit gets it right consistently and magically.  Their Runner shoe is precise down to a bespoke science rooted in the way of the cobbler.  The upper is cut of one piece of exquisite vegetable-tanned leather with a unification of the eyelet and tongue so that the lacing causes a harmonious enveloping of the foot.  Breathability and functionality usher in with the use of all natural materials including the thick leather sole and lightweight feel by the clean rotary cut edges.  The craftsmanship on this shoe is superb and would be a welcomed 'casual in nature but bespoke in execution' addition to your footwear closet.  Available now in all three color ways at

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