Technical Leap: Prada Frog Logo Strap Neoprene Sneakers

Dave White | Wednesday, September 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Prada Frog Logo Strap Neoprene Sneakers

Mrs. Prada loves her synthetics and rightfully so.  Her highbrow usage of nylon in the 90s proved to be a great remix for the fabric and a wonderful introduction to her design aesthetic.  This Frog Logo Strap Neoprene Sneaker lives up to her aesthetic.  The upper features a snug and cushy neoprene sock silhouette surrounded by slide rings and side-release closures on the vamp and around the heel with the latter featuring cool branding.  This is all anchored onto a folded rubber sole for a sleek technical and functional sneaker.  Available now at

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