Stay Laced: CRTTRS Sneaker Laces

Dave White | Monday, October 08, 2018 | 0 comments

CRTTRS Sneaker Laces

A new season doesn't always mean a new pair of kicks.  We can fall in love with and feel such a kinship to our sneakers that we wish for their appeal to last year-round.  I, for one, like to rock them differently from time to time to change up my perspective of them.  Sometimes that just means switching up the way they're laced or as in the case of CRTTRS, switching up the lacing altogether.  

CRTTRS is a sneaker lace company whose laces are designed in New York City and aimed at breathing life back into your ordinary shoe game.  Their laces are a cool chevron-like graphic weave with a characteristic metal tip on one end of the lace and their signature 'critter' logo on the other end.  What's cool about CRTTRS is that in a world of many sneakers subscribing to an unspoken footwear 'code of rocking' its a fun way to give your footwear a dash of distinction.

CTTRS laces come in packs of two containing one of each colorway and on you can choose the length of 36", 45", 54", 63" or 72" for your desired colorways.  I used the black and yellow color way in 72" on my Nike BHM AF1's to enhance the weave.  Non-conformity just became that much cooler.  Available now at

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