Shoe of the Day | Arcopedico Footwear LS Shocks

Dynelle Skinner | Tuesday, March 26, 2019 | 0 comments

One of the most comfortable things we enjoy is walking around our apartment in socks. It's like walking around with bare feet but with a level of protection for any dust, germs, or anything else that might sneak into your home. Today's Shoeography Shoe of the Day feels like that but it's made for outside. Say hello to the very comfortable Arcopedico Footwear LS Shocks.

What makes the Arcopedico Footwear LS Shocks so amazing. Firstly, as you can probably ascertain, the word Shocks is a combination of shoes+socks. Secondly, the LS features a blend of techno elastic upper technology with the use of a special knitted nylon fibers that provides a controlled freedom of your foot shape. It is lined with a soft interior for barefoot wear with a built-in SanSmell™ technology to promote an anti-bacterial environment for overall foot health. It also boasts twin-arch support technology of the sole for all-day support.

What's more, they are available in a host of wonderful colors, 29 to be exact, to coordinate with every items in your closet. You can celebrate the 2019 Color of the Year with the above salmon color; show your love of Prince (the anniversary of his death is next month) by rocking the plum, celebrate spring with citron, violet, green aqua, yellow, sky blue and so on.

For those like us, who love to walk, you'll love to know that the LS Shocks's knit material molds and moves with the shape of your foot providing the utmost comfort for even the most problematic feet. What more can you ask for in a comfort shoe. Get your favorite color for $105.00 on

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