Do Good And Look Good: Zazzle and Ubuntu Life Offer Customizable Shoes

Dynelle Skinner | Tuesday, July 09, 2019 | 0 comments

As humans, we cherish community but love our individuality. Making things "our own" has always been prevalent, especially in fashion. From painting or dyeing, to adding buttons and patches to our clothing, we always want our personality to shine through. That's why companies like Zazzle are a go-to for customization needs. We personally use Zazzle to create our custom Shoeography t-shirts, and we are just one of the thousands of people who use them....and they're expanding their reach and doing great things. You see, Zazzle recently announced a partnership with Ubuntu Life to welcome the Afridrille, the world's first custom espadrille handmade-to-order in Africa.

As part of the commitment to its philanthropic-inspired program, Zazzle Heart, Zazzle has taken the next step to power manufacturing at scale and to have an impact through the partnership with Kenya-based Ubuntu Life, the the largest employer in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. They employ a community of skilled Kenyan artists and Maasai tribes-women who enjoy above-market wages.

You can either purchase one of the adorable one already available or customize your made-to-order Afridrilles by choosing from one of the 11 canvas colors, 16 outer patterns, 12 color options of the outer pattern, and the 24 inner lining patterns. Check out how easy it is to create your own.

The final result, a lovely pair of Zazzle and Ubuntu Life Afridrilles that are customized to my style and personality.The best part, I can created so many different color and print combinations. Imagine the possibilities.

"Our mission at Zazzle is to give people the power to make anything imaginable – and that includes making lives better too," said Jeff Beaver, co-founder, and chief product officer, Zazzle. "We see the Afridrilles and our partnership with Ubuntu Life as a beautiful example of how Zazzle provides sustainable, meaningful jobs for individuals and communities so that they can both follow their dreams and support their families."

The Zazzle and Ubuntu Life Afridrilles can be yours starting at $89.95, and you can get 25% Off with code HAPPYSHOPZAZ. All proceeds from the Afridrille sales, along with sales of other handmade products such as leather journals and canvas totes available for custom order through the Zazzle marketplace, go directly towards these marginalized mothers and the medical care and education for their children with special needs in Kenya. The Afridrilles are available for purchase now at

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