Flaunt Your Fall Fashion With the Top Boot Trends of 2019

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Fall is officially here and that means it's time for crunchy leaves, up to one billion autumnal colds, and the best in fall fashion. If you're one of the countless people who can't wait to buy the best ensemble for the season, you need to know about the best boot trends on the market.

From traversing frigid rain puddles to stomping across pumpkin patches to rocking the red carpet, boots are a fall staple. Now that boot season is officially upon us, here are the top boot trends to grace us in 2019.

Square-Toed Boots

The chunky heel has had its moment; now it's time for the square-toed shoe to make a comeback. This 90's staple is the newest throwback to make a splash in 2019. This summer, we witnessed the square-toed sandal reenter the market and autumn won't stop this train anytime soon. According to Popsugar, even stunning stars like Gigi and Bella Hadid are sporting the Wander collection's new square toe boot line.

Chunky Mules

Mules started hitting shelves in the form of flats back in 2018, but their heeled counterparts are expected to make waves this fall. Innovating on the simple ankle boot design, stylish mules are here to put the "fun" in functional. Sporting an open back and closed-toe design, your feet can breathe without the threat of an errant puddle ruining your day. Try investing in neutral options, like black, taupe, or deep brown, to ensure these shoes go with every fall outfit in your wardrobe. With more than two billion shirts sold each year, a monochromatic mule will match just about anything.

Chelsea Boots

It doesn't matter if you're looking for an everyday boot of a stunning showstopper: the Chelsea boot can do it all. This quintessential ankle boot features an elastic side panel, assuring comfort throughout the day. Opt for the square side panel for a classic look or sport a V-panel with a fun pattern. Worn by both men and women, this style dates back generations. Whether you're a rising entrepreneur or just someone who wants to shake up their current style, you can achieve fashion nirvana by investing in a Chelsea boot in every color and pattern.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are known as a summer staple, but its allure is seeping into the cooler months of autumn. With more surface area than the average sandal or sneaker, designers are having a field day experimenting with new floral prints and designs on a diverse number of boots. This fall, expect to see floral designs on ankle boots, Chelseas, and knee-high show-stoppers. With so many options entering the market, it's no wonder that Americans spend an estimated $423.3 billion in e-commerce alone.

"Flatform" Boots

Most people are acquainted with the classic platform shoe, but the flatform might be the biggest trend on the market right now. If you love the height but hate the heel, you might be one of countless people who invest in flatforms this year.
With all the height and none of the discomfort associated with traditional heels, flatform shoes add a few inches to your average boot or sneaker without forcing you to stand on your tip-toes. They're easier to walk in and can transform a simple fall outfit into a fashion statement.

Were you able to predict these top choices in fall fashion? Even though 96% of people think a bright smile makes them more attractive, a new pair of boots can help your confidence shine this autumn. Let us know your favorite today.

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