The New Footwear Staples: The Wolverine BLVD Collection

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 0 comments

In our world, there are four true directions, four points that help you navigate and traverse our planet. Those four points are all you need to go where you need to go. We couldn't help but notice that The Wolverine BLVD Collection debuts with four boot styles; four boots that will also get you to where you're going. From day to night, work to play, city streets to rural roads, the Wolverine BLVD Collection features boots that have you covered at every step.

The four boot styles, Plain Toe, Chelsea, Cap Toe, and Pull On boots retail for $199.00 each, and are available in the classic tan, brown, and black hues. They all boast premium leather with hand burnishing; Sheepskin lining that provides instant comfort and break in; a thin profile rubber outsole to grip the ground while still looking dressy; round monochromatic that laces are easy to tie and wear in well; and Goodyear Welt Construction, invented 150 years ago, and considered one of the finest methods of shoemaking due to durability, flexibility and re-soleable properties.

BLVD Plain Toe Boots

A classic lace-up boot, where serious style meets the trusted know-how of the makers of America’s original work boot.

BLVD Chelsea Boots

An easy-on boot at the intersection of go-anywhere style and ready-for-anything grit.

BLVD Cap Toe Boots

A boot that’s as at home in a boardroom or at a concert as it would be in a workshop or on a motorcycle.

BLVD Pull On Boots

A Western-inspired to go the distance and get there in style.

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