Maison Atia X KOIO Vegan Leather Platform Sneakers

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, December 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Here's a footwear collaboration worth purring about. Maison Atia, the first luxury faux fur brand, has partnered with KOIO, a shoe company created by two passionate sneakerheads, to create the first 100% vegan leather sneakers accented with Maison Atia's signature faux fur. This special collaboration brings you the coolest vegan platform sneaker this season, the Maison Atia X KOIO Vegan Leather Platform Sneakers.

Founded by Chloe Mendel and Gustave Maisonrouge, Maison Atia is transforming the faux fur market with its luxury touch of real fur to this new material. The platform sneakers are made with quality vegan leather and features the Maison Atia logo imprinted on the back. With foundations in design, quality and craftsmanship, Maison Atia mixes modern styling with traditional fur heritage techniques and works with skilled artisans to create inspirational products that look and feel glamorous.

Both Maison Atia and KOIO are known for disrupting their respective fields and through their passion for excellence and quality, have achieved a sneaker with unrivaled attention to detail that dare to go anywhere.

These limited edition platform sneakers are made in Italy using the finest craftsmanship. They are available in three color options, After Hours (black), Soho (black/white), and Deja Vu (black/red/pink arrow stripe) and are available for $248.00 at their ephemeral Madison Avenue boutique, located at 833 Madison Avenue, and on their website.

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