Contemporary Brand Harrys Of London Releases Sleek Shoe Line For Women

Dynelle Skinner | Saturday, January 04, 2020 | 0 comments

For nearly 20 years, Harrys of London has been on a mission to design footwear that provides both ultimate comfort and ultimate style. While the average person will spend 33% of their life in bed, that other 67% is largely made up of time spent on their feet doing chores around the house, going for jogs in the park, walking around town with friends, and much more. Harrys of London believes all of that activity should be done without adding strain to the very body part that allows you to keep moving.

At long last, the contemporary British brand is releasing a shoe line made for women. Named Harrys For Her, this shoe line maintains the brand's signature comfort with the inclusion of the Technogel® innersole. This innersole is covered in gel-filled capsules that provide a perfect fit and relieve pressure by molding to the unique shape of your foot. While women could experience this exceptional comfort before Harrys For Her by purchasing the smaller pairs of men's shoes, having a dedicated shoe line will provide them with the fit and style that they deserve.

Currently, Harrys For Her comes in two varieties of a modern, sneaker-inspired shoe. The first is the Eva. This design is lace-free, allowing the wearer to achieve a sleek look and optimal efficiency when putting the shoe on and taking it off. The Eva sticks to a neutral color palette, coming in options of navy, beige, or gray.

The second option in the Harrys For Her shoe line is the Grace. A modified version of the brand's bestselling Toms, the Grace features laces and an upper made from innovative leather that is impervious to rain and scratches. This sturdy yet stylish shoe comes in silver, white, pink, or bright red.

In either design, consumers will find the popular Technogel® innersole. A ground-breaking material, Technogel® was first created for mattresses. As the company expanded its gel production to create pillows, seat cushions, armrests, and more, Harrys of London recognized the unique material’s potential for shoes. After this recognition, the profitable collaboration between the shoe line and the biocompatible material blossomed.

By using Technogel® in their footwear, Harrys of London has created shoes that provide the best distribution of compression possible. The gel will also absorb impact as the wearer's foot hits the ground, creating a soft landing for each step. This allows for a shoe that feels like a sneaker but has a look fit for both work and play.

To experience one of the sleekest footwear brands Britain has to offer, check out the Harrys For Her shoe line. No matter which design you choose, you'll be taking a step in the right direction towards high-quality modern comfort.

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