Celebrate New TV Show "First Ladies" with Pumps from Vintage Brand "Hey Lady"

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Fashion reflects our daily interests, including the television shows we watch. And those interests, in turn, reflect our fashion choices. This reciprocating influence goes on and on in a person's life and sometimes, miraculously, the two will match up perfectly.

With the recent announcement of an upcoming television show, one of those miraculous pairings is about to happen with a pair of pumps.

Showtime has given a straight-to-series order for the drama First Ladies, which stars Viola Davis as former first lady Michelle Obama in the first season. The inaugural season will also highlight the personal and political lives of Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford. The program's showrunners plan to feature different first ladies throughout future seasons, highlighting how they have made many of history's world-changing decisions in the East Wing of the White House.

But how exactly does this relate to fashionable footwear?

Luxury comfort brand Hey Lady has a pair of pumps called "First Lady" that is inspired by former first lady and 1960s style icon, Jackie O. These heels are just three inches tall, featuring a pointed toe and floral lace cutout. The shoes come in four colors, dubbed Sky Blue, Nekkid Pink, Banging Black, and Bone.

Launched by twins Emily and Jessica Leung in Spring 2009, Hey Lady aims to create stylish, luxury shoes that empower women while providing them with ultimate comfort. The Leung Twins found the focus on comfort especially important as they observed countless women at weddings leaving their shoes in a pile next to the dance floor, whether they were guests, bridesmaid, the mother of the bride, or even the bride herself. They wanted to create shoes comfortable enough for their wearer to dance in all night long.

Outside of weddings, Emily and Jessica knew that women spent a lot of the day on their feet. Humans have been keeping time for the last 5,000 to 6,000 years and whether a woman is wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes for an entire workday, an evening out after running a marathon, or a high-energy night on the dance floor, she needs a high heel with high performance. The heels from Hey Lady are made with insoles that are traditionally used in running and basketball shoes that Nasa developed. While they are shock-absorbent and maintain bounce-back cushioning, the shoes also keep you dry and cool with their breathable and anti-bacterial material.

The Leung Twins designed First Lady, in particular, for leading ladies who need constant comfort while they make statements and show courage at all times, even when under fire. As you cozy up to watch Viola Davis take on the role of political icon Michelle Obama, you just might feel inspired to face your challenges head-on in luxury style. When this feeling strikes, the First Lady shoe from the Leung Twins will be there to take you everywhere and anywhere you want to go in life.

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