The Best Shoes for Your Indoor Workouts During The COVID-19 Quarantine

Shoeography | Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | 0 comments

Americans everywhere are adjusting their lifestyles to follow the guidelines for social distancing that government officials have set to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many cities are even under shelter-in-place laws, meaning that residents can only leave their homes for essential tasks, such as going to the grocery store. One of the major areas of life this change is affecting is physical activity.
To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, gyms have closed and active events like marathons have been canceled across the country. This has left many exercise enthusiasts without their usual venues for physical activity. The spread of COVID-19 has also caused people to spend more time at home, but they're quickly finding that spending all day on the couch watching Netflix isn't all its chalked up to be.

No matter the reasoning, indoor exercise has quickly become a common activity for Americans quarantined during the coronavirus. However, you need the right shoes for your workout at home. Whether you're a frequent triathlon participant or you're just starting to dip your toes in the world of exercise, check out these sneakers that will make your indoor workouts effective and comfortable.


As a company dedicated to making athletic shoes specifically for women, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better source for indoor workout sneakers. About 67% of internet users say they shop online because of the wider variety of available options, a variety that Ryka certainly offers. The Ryka collection features a large selection of shoes, including walking, running, training, and lifestyle sneakers. Their high-quality shoes are designed with luxe materials such as engineered mesh, soft microfiber linings, translucent rubber, and top-quality knits.

What makes Ryka a great option for online shoe shopping is that the sneakers are not just sized-down versions of a man's shoe. They are specifically made for a woman's unique foot shape, muscle movement, and build. Ryka sneakers are designed with more space for your toes, a narrower heel for a more secure fit, and soft foot cushioning to enhance comfort. The brand also has shoes with an anatomical insole, designed to mold to the shape of your foot while providing arch and heel support.
Ryka's shoes are meant to inspire women and make them feel strong, making many of their designs well-suited to indoor workouts. Ryka also has shoes with Pivot Point technology, offering increased traction and control for easy transitions in studio-based fitness workouts. Whether you retired at the average age of 63 and want to fill your free time with online fitness classes or you're used to your daily jogs with a group and need an online class for the social element, Ryka shoes with Pivot Point technology will help ensure that you don't slip and fall during your workout.


Another brand focused on making footwear more comfortable for women is LifeStride. This company designs all of its shoes with the average woman's comfort in mind. Its revolutionary Velocity 2.0 technology creates shock-absorbing foam insoles that evenly distribute and relieve pressure. While providing this comfort, the insoles don't trap in the heat and sweat a workout produces. They're made with a super-soft, breathable microfiber lining that injects comfort in every step.

LifeStride also design their shoes with extra arch and heel support in mind. This attention allows their shoes to provide the balance and stability the average person needs. Up to 39% of dental injuries in children are caused by sports and while you're probably slightly more coordinated than the average child, wearing a shoe that helps you avoid dangerous falls is always a good choice. By shopping with LifeStride, you can ensure you wear shoes that do just that.

As you adjust your lifestyle and daily routines in the time of COVID-19, remember to make sure you have the right workout gear. Wear the shoes that will make your workout easier and you'll be able to pass your time in quarantine more comfortably.

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