SUNS Shoes Launches New Line of Eco-Friendly, UV Color-Changing Shoes

Dynelle Skinner | Sunday, June 07, 2020 | 1 comments

Much like the air we breathe, the sun is essential to life on Earth. It gives energy to us and plant life, warms the atmosphere and our bodies of water, and without the energy of the sun, the planet would be a giant iced over rock. Thankfully there are footwear brands that believe people should enjoy fashion and help the Earth at the same time. It is our pleasure to introduce you to SUNS Shoes and their new line of UVcolor-changing sneakers that celebrates the joy of fashion and helps the planet.

At first glance, the classic cotton twill sneakers look just like your typical canvas shoe, but when you walk from indoors to a sunny day outdoors, you'll realize there's nothing typical about them. Launched on Kickstarter on May 27th, ​SUNS Shoes​ is an affordable way to help the planet and brighten up your footwear options. The line of color-changing shoes for women harnesses the power of the sun to create vibrant colors and patterns that change right before your eyes. What’s more, the brand is committed to giving back to the planet by planting trees for every pair sold. Check out how ours went from white to blue in our Shoeography Instagram video and see some of the color-changes highlighted below:

With fun designs including polka dot, tie-dye, stars, camouflage and zebra print, SUNS Shoesare fun fashion for feet. Available in three footwear styles, including lace-up and slip-ons, SUNS Shoes are available in 19 color-changing designs. On some styles, it's not just the cotton twill upper that changes color. On many, the laces and even the rubber sole. Available at a more affordable price point than other eco-conscious brands, SUNS Shoes are designed with comfort and durability in mind.

But these eco-friendly, UV color-changing shoes are also committed to helping our planet. For every pair that is sold, SUNS Shoes, in partnership with Trees for the Future, will plant 10 trees around the world. Every pair of SUNS Shoes also comes in recycled packaging with plant-based ink. A “thank you” note, made of seed paper to encourage customers to plant and grow something on their own, is in every shoe box.

“Environmentally friendly brands are notorious for being too expensive for average consumers to afford,” said George Beall, CEO of SUNS Shoes. “The color-changing effect of SUNS Shoes is magical when you see it happen before your eyes. We wanted to bring that joy to people, and use a budget- and eco-friendly business model to do it.”

SUNS Shoes are available in U.S. women’s sizes 4-11, including half-sizes. To pre-order your favorite color or pattern, visit their Kickstarter campaign on ​​.

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  1. I need these given how many times I get caught outside and I forget my sunscreen in my purse to apply ..this would be handy