Franky Baca Unleashes Unisex Shoe: Franky Baca 1 Low Sneakers

Dynelle Skinner | Monday, August 10, 2020 | 0 comments

We love a self-made story. Someone with raw talent teaching themselves something they've always wanted to learn and bringing that talent and idea to fruition. That is the story of self-taught fashion designer, Franky Baca, who created his first garments in 2013 and launched a full collection in 2014. With many of his fashion pieces being gender neutral, a unisex shoe was the next logical step - which led to the Franky Baca 1 Low Sneakers.

Franky Baca 1 Low Sneakers

Franky Baca draws inspiration for his designs from nature, architecture, classic paintings, film, and his Bay Area home neighborhood; so it's no surprise that his namesake sneakers is comprised of leather, and composite materials to ensure durability. The gender-neutral style is simple, yet versatile with unique features. It boasts a blood orange patent leather tongue, removable grey patent lace guard emblazoned with this designer's signature; and detachable mesh ankle support for a comfortable and insulated fit with or without laces.

Franky Baca 1 Low Sneakers 
Franky Baca 1 Low Unisex Shoe

Franky says "My goal in creation is for the customer to question why something is strange, and why is something still beautiful to them. I want to challenge them to what they knew about beauty. I always wanted to design clothing and loved fashion but I was hesitant because I didn't want to design for others. I thought it took away from my individuality, I was selfish. I realized I could never be them and they could never be me, and I knew I wanted to move forward. We need to inspire people any chance we get."
Available in white/bone/blood orange/silver, the F.B.1 sneakers can be yours for $110.00, down from the original price of $220.00. Sizes run from as small as a women's 5 1/2 to a men's 12. Get yours now on

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