How Aetrex Has Revolutionized Foot Scanning

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In 2021, Aetrex will reveal its 3D foot scanner. Foot scanners have long been used to interface with customers to help them select footwear and orthotics. However, these devices have been limited by the technology that is available and affordable for use in retail establishments. 

Shoeography: How Aetrex Has Revolutionized Foot Scanning

However, with recent advances in technology, 3D foot scanners can be more accurate than ever before. Moreover, they can provide an improved customer experience that allows the customer to understand exactly the information they receive. This broadens how useful these devices are to customers and retailers.

The features of Aetrex's new 3D foot scanner are revolutionizing the industry. Aetrex's newest 3D foot scanner, Albert 2, uses a highly accurate Intel depth camera. This camera not only takes accurate images but processes them to create in-depth data that can be used to create a 3D model of the customer's foot. The measurement data plus the highly accurate 3D reconstruction provide the best possible basis for recommending orthotics and footwear to customers. More accurate foot scan data will allow footwear retailers everywhere to provide better, and more customized, recommendations for their customers.

Shoeography: How Aetrex Has Revolutionized Foot Scanning

In addition to the user's foot measurements, Albert 2 also collects pressure data. This provides the most accurate and complete foot reconstruction possible. This accurate reconstruction allows the most accurate diagnosis and recommendation for addressing the customer's foot problem.

Many issues can cause foot problems, despite having a fairly normal shaped foot. For example, a person's weight might be distributed unevenly due to a back, hip, or leg problem that would not be apparent from the measurements of the feet. Other issues that can cause foot problems can result from injuries. Slip, trip, and fall injuries account for about 25% of all reported injuries every year. These injuries can result in longstanding effects that go far beyond the actual injury. A knee problem could cause pain and swelling in the feet because the knee problem causes an imbalance in the person's walk. This would only be apparent in a pressure scan that shows how the person's weight is distributed between the feet and across each foot. Aetrex's Albert 2 would be able to detect this pressure issue, allowing retailers to help their customers find footwear that solves the imbalance in their walk.

Shoeography: How Aetrex Has Revolutionized Foot Scanning

The Albert 2 also fulfills a common consumer expectation by providing a voice assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence. The average American household has 300,000 things in it. Over the past few years, many of those things have either evolved into smart things or been replaced with smart things. These devices collect and provide information needed to enhance security and improve knowledge about who has visited and what they did. Similarly, smart speakers not only play sound, but receive voice commands that give users a conversational interaction whenever they need information, news, or entertainment.

Shoeography: How Aetrex Has Revolutionized Foot Scanning

These devices have created an expectation by users of a fully interactive voice assistant when they interact with technology. Anyone who uses Aetrex's new 3D foot scanner will be able to use the voice assistant integrated into the system, called the Albert 2 Voice Assistant. This voice assistant can interact with customers and provide any information relating to the foot scan. For example, Albert 2 can provide orthotic recommendations and information about possible diagnoses for foot problems.

Aetrex has brought a level of technology to 3D foot scanning that will revolutionize the industry. But more importantly, Aetrex has provided customers with the tools to accurately and completely resolve their foot problems. By incorporating accurate measurement technology and complete foot reconstruction algorithms with an AI-powered voice assistant, Aetrex's 3D foot scanner will meet the needs of customers and retailers alike.

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