LONO: The Sockless Sneaker for an Active Lifestyle

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Wearing sneakers without socks is a distant dream for many people. While they want the streamlined look of sockless footwear, forgoing socks when wearing sneakers can quickly lead to unpleasant odors and the possibility of contracting conditions like athlete's foot. Yet, wearing sneakers gives people stability and surefootedness. Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidents in restaurants, hotels, and other public buildings. Not only are sneakers essential for those with active lifestyles, but they're essential for the safety of athletes and non-athletes alike.

Shoeography: LONO: The Sockless Sneaker for an Active Lifestyle

With a design that prioritizes comfort and safety, LONO is solving this footwear conundrum. LONO is the ultimate eco-friendly, breathable, and vegan sneaker. The design of LONO is meant to mimic the natural connection between the human body and the earth. The creators of LONO were inspired by sagebrush bark sandals, which were the first known human shoes. Not only is this inspiration seen in the natural connection between the shoe wearer and the planet, but LONO is even made with tree bark.

Shoeography: LONO: The Sockless Sneaker for an Active Lifestyle

 With the help of modern manufacturing technology, the LONO team transforms tree bark into fine yarn that is used as the sneaker's zero-waste flyknit upper. Other sneakers use wool for this part of the shoe, but the tree bark yarn is soft and quick-drying, making the shoe both comfortable and breathable.

An AIRSIP mesh pattern enhances the shoe's breathability even more, allowing for significant airflow in the shoe. This feature also provides the perfect balance of stretch and security, helping you avoid those slip and fall accidents, which are the leading cause of workers' compensation claims. LONO also has ELASLET, which is an elastic that is fixed on the shoe's top eyelet. This gives the shoe stretch so that you can slip your foot easily in and out of the shoe without having to adjust the laces.

Shoeography: LONO: The Sockless Sneaker for an Active Lifestyle

 While the creators of LONO chose all of these features so that you can wear them without socks, those who prefer wearing socks with sneakers don't have to feel excluded. LONO has invented the SOLESOCK, which is a sock for the shoe's insole and is able to be swapped out when it gets dirty.

According to the founder of LONO, Ben Hui, another goal of the shoe's design is to maximize the potential of organic materials to make LONO a functional shoe option. This is in contrast to some companies that are using the sustainability trend for marketing purposes rather than as a core function of the product. A wide variety of industries have been pivoting towards more eco-friendly practices in recent years. Even the shipping container industry is on this trend, as about 3,500 kilograms of steel is reused for each recycled shipping container. Whether this focus on sustainability is truly for the environment or is meant to appeal to eco-conscious consumers, its certainly affecting how products are being designed and manufactured.

Shoeography: LONO: The Sockless Sneaker for an Active Lifestyle

 LONO is the perfect option for consumers who want to remain true to their sustainable ideals but don't want to sacrifice comfort or quality. The casual design allows consumers to wear the shoe anywhere, from a trip to the grocery store to a sporting event. Wherever you go, you can count on your feet staying cool and crisp.

If you've always wanted the luxury of going barefoot, LONO is the practical option you need. This vegan footwear will allow you to live in comfort while keeping your body safe. Check out LONO's Kickstarter today to choose from nine color options and pre-order your pair of LONOs today.

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