If the Shoe Fits: Formé Shoe Shaper is Revolutionizing the Industry

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In terms of fashion, there are few things worse than being between shoe sizes. As you browse the shelves at your favorite shoe store, every pair you try on is either squeezing your toes or hanging off the back of your foot. Buying online can be even more harrowing, as every pair you order just doesn't seem to fit quite right and is relegated to the back of your closet in hopes that a miracle could make them fit one day.

The Formé shoe shaper is that miracle. The creator of Formé, Maureen Stockton, has reimagined the classic shoe shaper and given it a modern twist. With two decades of experience in product development, Stockton invented Formé after she struggled with breaking in shoes. Stockton had a closet full of shoes that she adored but rarely wore because the fit was just a bit off. So she set out to invent a shoe shaper that would allow her to wear the shoes she loved without the pain of their ill fit.

Shoeography: If the Shoe Fits: Formé Shoe Shaper is Revolutionizing the Industry

"We’ve used them in everything from Rothy’s and Toms to Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and Tamara Mellon pairs. In their closets, women have shoes they really want to wear but can’t. That’s where they get excited about Formé," says Stockton.

Formé works by stretching and shaping to fit a variety of shoe types. You can change the form of the device into several different silhouettes to improve your comfort and fit. With the push of a button, you can modify your Formé shoe shaper for use in a round toe, pointed toe, square toe, pump, or flat. This allows you to use Formé for heels, boots, flats, sandals, sneakers, and practically any other type of shoe. It's also safe for any material, including leather, fabric, and synthetics. You could be one of the 47.88 million people who bicycle and need your sneakers to be slightly roomier or you could simply want the flats that you wear every day to fit more comfortably. Whatever your reason, Formé can help you and your footwear woes.

Once your device is in the right form for your shoe, it can stretch it up to half a size with seven different adjustment positions that control the stretching force. This function is perfect in the age of online shopping. Whether you're looking online for professional pumps for your new job or you're among the 93% of brides who use the Internet to plan their weddings and virtually found heels that perfectly match your dress, you can buy a pair in your normal size and use Formé to make them fit comfortably. This takes the stress out of purchasing shoes online and worrying that they won't fit and you'll have to return them.

The appearance of the Formé shoe shaper is also appealing to the fashion-conscious. It has a sleek design with a champagne, pearlized tone. The device also includes air vents that help remove moisture from your shoes and it helps get rid of wrinkles that form on the toebed of your shoes. This will help keep your shoes looking better for longer in addition to making them actually wearable. The product has an even greater sustainable impact because of its packaging, which is made of recyclable paper pulp.

The Formé shoe shaper is available in four sizes that cover shoe sizes 5 to 12. Wear your shoes in comfort and style by ordering your own pair of Formé shoe shapers today.

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