Trillytech Launches Kickstarter for Heels with Adjustable Heights

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Trilly Shoes, a company in Milan, Italy, created a women's shoe with extensible heels, so women everywhere can wear one shoe comfortably all day and still look fashionable.

Veronica Crisafulli conceived the shoe in 2018 and partnered with co-founder Alessandro Filosa to create the prototype. Working with Cercal Research Centre, the pair developed the working designs and located an appropriate manufacturer.

Shoeography: Trillytech Launches Kickstarter for Heels with Adjustable Heights

Trilly Shoes beat its deadline of June 15, 2021, to fully fund its Kickstarter. That means it obtained the funding for wide-scale production of the shoe that can go from 2 inches to about 2.75 inches (5cm to 6cm to 7cm) at the click of a button.

Shoeography: Trillytech Launches Kickstarter for Heels with Adjustable Heights

No Extra Pair of Shoes Needed

Currently, women who wear high heels need to pack a pair of low heels or flats to have an alternate, comfortable pair of shoes to wear. To alleviate discomfort, this means taking off their heels to change into flats, exposing them to germs. About 80% of illness-causing germs get spread by touch, but women do not typically change shoes in an environment that lets them wash their hands or clean off the shoes while they change them. With the Trilly design, you push a button on the heel, and it raises or lowers it providing a more hygienic method that requires no extra pair of shoes stashed in your handbag.

Shoeography: Trillytech Launches Kickstarter for Heels with Adjustable Heights

NCF Tag Leads to Webpage

The stylish shoes come in two designs – the Elisa and the Carol. Both are made for traveling long distances. Not only can you customize their heel heights, but an NCF tag on the shoe lets you scan it with your smartphone to open a proprietary website about the shoes. Each week about 900,000 domains get registered, but you only need to read the one that explains how Trilly crafts these shoes.

That website gives you greater insight into these high heels that help you avoid the knee, back, and hip pain that high heels cause some women. You will learn about its curved heel that works better with the shoe's sole than typical high heel designs.

Shoeography: Trillytech Launches Kickstarter for Heels with Adjustable Heights

A Better Convertible Shoe

The company also delves into its choice to go with a push-button design for a more hygienic option than other convertible high heels, which require you to remove the heel and replace it with a flat piece. Those types of shoes provide a small tote bag in which you can stash the pieces. Trilly Shoes avoid all of that by using one shoe with no removable parts.

Trilly Shoes locates its entire process in Italy, from design to production. They partnered with a manufacturer that's been in business for a century. That reliability and experience have merged with Trilly's innovative technology to produce a fashionable shoe suitable for casual to formal occasions. You can wear it to the office, then change the height for a night of clubbing.

Environmentally Friendly Design

The shoe also utilizes an environmentally friendly design. The upper uses organic leather while the design uses a heel of recycled plastics crafted from pineapple, apple peels, cactus leaves, and grape waste. Designed for comfort as well as to last through many wears, the insole structure uses no metal. The shoe design uses only water-based glue.

The company's NFC tag-accessible webpage goes into more detail about its internal processes, supply chain, and company mission. You can also install a mobile app to explore the company's shoes and how they fit your own feet. The app uses spot-size technology to help you create a 3D scan of your feet. The benefit of this nifty feature is finding your perfect shoe size and avoiding pinched toes or squished ankles. You can determine with a few clicks and a picture what shoe size you should wear, including whether you need narrow, regular, or wide-width shoes. As Trilly Shoes points out, that results in fewer returned shoes and reduces your CO2 footprint.

Check out these revolutionary heels today by visiting the Trilly Shoes website or their successful Kickstarter campaign.

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