KOBI: The Eco-Friendly Shoe Embracing Fashion, Functionality and the Future

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KOBI by Crimagno stands out as an exceptionally designed shoe that embodies both style and sustainability. With a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, it offers a unique and meaningful experience to its wearers.The core of KOBI's appeal lies in its ability to combine stylish aesthetics with a gender-neutral design. This approach not only broadens its appeal to a wider audience but also aligns with the values of inclusive and diversity. By transcending traditional gender norms, KOBI encourages people to focus on the quality and design of the product, fostering a sense of unity and breaking barriers.

Shoeography - KOBI: The Eco-Friendly Shoe Embracing Fashion, Functionality and the Future

Most shoes feature a metal shank, except for KOBI. With the brand's sustainable shoes, the shank is made of recycled wood. This makes it durable, light and planet-friendly. They have split the sole in two, making your walking experience feel like you're barefoot. Made of natural rubber and hemp wood, the design adds freedom to both the torsion and the bending of the foot. You may have noticed the KOBI boasts a zipper closure. The tape of their zipper is made from recycled polyester. Not only that, but the zipper production process is approved by various environmental certificates, including the Greenpeace detox. The lining of the KOBI is one of the most important parts of the eco-friendly shoe. After strenuous testing, the brand settled on a loom with a composition of their own elaboration based on hemp, recycled polyester and silver. This ensures breathability, thermoregulation, and antibacterial properties are all guaranteed.

Shoeography - KOBI: The Eco-Friendly Shoe Embracing Fashion, Functionality and the Future

The upper of the KOBI is a real construction prodigy, it is modeled in a single piece with a single rear seam and a lower closure. It is an extrusion in bio-based (corn or apple) solvent free on certified cotton support. The shoe also features a non-slip counter made of non-woven fabrics produced using recycled polyester fibers, such as recycled PET bottles. The footbed is made from eco-sustainable polyurethane, produced by an internal recovery production system. in short, the company can recover production waste and recycle it into new footbeds.

The brand's dedication to sustainability sets it apart from conventional shoe manufacturers. KOBI's carbon offset program exemplifies this commitment, allowing customers to actively contribute to the betterment of the planet. By recycling your old pair of KOBIs, you not only reduce waste but also receive a discount on your next purchase, encouraging a continuous cycle of responsible consumption.

Shoeography - KOBI: The Eco-Friendly Shoe Embracing Fashion, Functionality and the Future

The materials used in the production of KOBI are carefully selected, ensuring that only natural or recycled components are utilized. This emphasis on eco-friendly materials helps minimize the shoe's environmental footprint. Even the packaging reflects this mindset, with a reusable felt bag that has been certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Furthermore, KOBI's dedication to reforestation is commendable. For every pair of shoes sold, the brand commits to planting a tree. This initiative showcases a genuine desire to give back to nature and mitigate the effects of deforestation.

Launching on June 27th, KOBI has the potential to gain traction and buzz among conscious shoe lovers seeking both comfort and sustainable luxury. The founder, Cristiano Magnoni, elevates the significance of these shoes, viewing them as more than just footwear but as storytellers of people's journeys through life. The concept of every step being a memory aligns perfectly with the idea of KOBI's sustainable practices, symbolizing a positive and purposeful movement towards a greener future.

KOBI by Crimagno represents a commendable fusion of style and sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers who seek products with purpose. The ergonomic shoe makes a compelling option for anyone looking to make a positive difference through their fashion choices. The brand currently has a Kickstarter page where you can support and get your feet into one of the first few made.

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