My Life, My Kicks: Puma "Year of The Dragon" Sneaker

Dave White | Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Puma "Year of The Dragon" Sneaker

How did Puma know red was my color? Even more so, how did Puma know that my year was the Dragon? Regardless, this shoe needs to be mine. The sueded weave effect on the sides are a great texture and Puma low tops look great in the summer with cuffed khakis or 'kitchy' bermudas or even the spare-cut wash and wear seersucker suit. The trifecta is that red is my color, the Dragon is my year's creature and fat laced suede Pumas are a perfect throwback of a shoe that grew during the formative years that shaped me into the 'fire-breather' I am today. Available in late March.

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