Shoe of the Day | Liliana Murtha Zebra Zipper Trim Ankle Booties

Dynelle Skinner | Wednesday, March 14, 2012 | 0 comments

What do you think of these ladies? These Liliana Murtha Zebra Zipper Trim Ankle Booties have me intrigued but I'm not fully sure if I'd give anyone the stink eye if they grab the last pair in my size. One one hand, I'm digging the contrasting mix of the zipper and the animal print trends - it's giving me a rock and roll/safari vibe which I like but something is holding me back. I'm thinking it might be the cutout area, not the whole cutout though, I think its the thin strap going over the toes - should it be wider? More toe coverage? I don't know....but otherwise, I do love the edginess of this bootie. I also like the price, it can be yours for $15.00 YES!!! $15.00 at

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