Spike The Punch: Mark McNairy New Amsterdam X Bodega

Dave White | Monday, March 26, 2012 | 0 comments

 Mark McNairy New Amsterdam X Bodega Boston Brogues and Saddle shoe

A bit of pop and a little punch can do the 'sole' a world of good.  Ask Mark McNairy!  He has a patented flair for giving the classic menswear brogue a bit of sartorial humor that is perfectly balanced with exquisite craftsmanship.  Now couple his sense of style with the on-the-pulse of hype and street wear machine Bodega.  This boutique out of Boston has come up with some great collaborations in the past with some of the heaviest footwear hitters like Nike and New Balance.  Now they've stepped it up by collaborating on a collection of two brogues and a saddle shoe with Mr. McNairy.  The Wing Saddle in Digi Desert Camo and the Long Wing Brogues in Woodland Camo and Leopard offer a cool pairing of Bodega's forward vibe while offering the cheeky suaveness from McNairy.  It's not hard to guess but easy to see how these are limited edition (of course).  They're available now at Bodega's site.

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