Catching Color: DSquared Colorblock Hiking Boot

Dave White | Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | 2 comments

DSquared Colorblock Hiking Boot

So it's called a hiking boot but in the hands of Dean and Dan from DSquared, their Colorblock Hiking Boot for Spring will probably not make you blend in with the forest greenery.  However, what it will do is offer up a punchy leather and suede concoction done in a moccasin style that will definitely brighten up your summer from the vicinity of around your ankles.  This boot offers the right amount of neutrals with the right amount of harmonious warm red and regal purple and has just enough character to go from the city to the Hamptons and uptown to downtown.  Available now at Park and Bond.

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  1. You see the end of the post where it states "Available at Park & Bond" click there