Shoe of the Day | Too Fast SBGU Guns N Roses Peep-Toe Pump

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, May 02, 2013 | 0 comments

I in no way support any kind guns, I strongly believe we need strict gun laws because too many crazy people have access to guns. I, myself, am terrified of guns and was way over the age of 21 the very first time I saw a gun in real life (I couldn't even bring myself to touch it) - I wanted to say this disclaimer because while I do not like guns, I find the Too Fast SBGU Guns N Roses Pump to be different and interesting (basically totally badass) - definitely a conversation piece.

The eye-catching peep-toe pump features an all-over gun and red rose printed patent leather upper, 1" platform, a not-so-delicate bow at the front with a mini handgun detail and it's most standout feature - a revolver, which creates the thick 5" heel. With the Too Fast SBGU Guns N Roses Pep-Toe Pump, you will most certainly carve your own path. Unfortunately there is a slight wait to get your hands on these, while I was researching this dynamo, it was still available on but alas as I give this post the once over before posting day, it's already sold out. I'm not at all surprised since they are an attention getter and were priced at only $94.99 but have no fear, you can get them at Too Fast Online for only $84.00. The color looks slightly different from shown above but the edginess is still there.

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