The Light And Easy Wet Suit For The Feet: Puma Black Label Collaborations MY-64 Slip-On

Dave White | Wednesday, May 01, 2013 | 0 comments

Puma Black Label Collaborations MY-64 Slip-On

I may be a bit partial to Mihara Yasuhiro.  Not only do I love the Japanese aesthetic but I also love Pumas.  For Spring 2013 Yasuhiro's collaboration with Puma for their Black Label brings this really cool and lightweight neoprene slip-on running shoe.  Molded as one piece with the embellishments of a classic running shoe, this is an easy to wear sneaker that's simple enough to wear with your whole spring wardrobe of everything from khakis and jeans to tees and button-downs to board shorts and shirtless.  Available now at all Puma Black Label retailers.  Click here to find a Puma store near you.

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