Shoe of the Day | Teva Original Universal Sport Sandal

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 0 comments

Today's Shoeography Shoe of the day is a bit more personal to me, mainly because it was a DIY project. While attending an event to preview the Spring 2014 Original Collection by Teva, we had the pleasure of creating awesome DIY designs. All attendees were given a pair of Teva Original Universal Sport Sandal and told to make it our own. This amazing sport sandal was the world’s first Sport Sandal and was created 30 years ago....still standing very strong today. The original Universal features Teva's traditional nylon webbing, a contoured EVA topsole, multiple points of adjustments for a comfortable fit on your foot, and their Durabrasion rubber outsole for great traction.

For my personalization, I decided to make it really pop with a metallic; since silver really stands out against black, that was my go-to color. I decided to keep the wow factor on the footbed with an eye-catching graphic design, added some stars on the outsole for when my foot completely covers the footbed and accent the front strap with small studs.I couldn't ask for a better result and my design was quite popular. This Teva Sandal retails for $40.00, why not get yourself a pair and make it your own. It comes in a variety of colors and goes up to size 11.

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