High Heel Protection: Solemates High Heelers

Dynelle Skinner | Saturday, July 19, 2014 | 0 comments

Ladies, don't you hate it when you're wearing a fab pair of stilettos in a grassy area and your heels start to sink into the ground or they get stuck in pavement cracks or sidewalk grates? I certainly do. Wouldn't you love to alleviate that problem and protect your beloved shoes? Thanks to Solemates High Heelers, you can protect your heels from all surfaces.

The patented design, Solemates High Heelers, attaches easily to most heels without causing damage or compromising the look of the shoes while the flexible material is securely attached giving you an increased support at the base of the heel. You can wear this innovative heel protector just about anywhere - on grass, cobblestones, grates and more. The Solemates High Heelers is available in 3 sizes: narrow, classic, and wide, attaches easily tot he base of your heels, and all three sizes are available in four colors: clear, silver, black and gold.

Get a single pair of Solemates for $9.95, a 3-pack (includes 1 each of the 3 sizes) for $25.00, a set of six (2 pairs of Solemates in each of the 3 sizes) for $50.00, or the Master pack (one pair in each of the 4 colors and 3 sizes) for $100.00 on thesolemates.com.

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