Shoe of the Day | Privileged Shoes Fighter Tall Gladiator Sandal

Dynelle Skinner | Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 0 comments

And just like that, with one look at this uber-sexy gladiator heels, we are in love. This dynamic, attention-grabbing tall gladiator sandal is certainly not for the timid. My philosophy has always been, to wear bold, you must first be bold and i know you will agree this is a bold shoe. So let's get to know this audacious heel. Ladies, say hello to the Privileged Shoes Fighter Tall Gladiator Sandal, a unique gladiator sandal which features a 17 1/2" faux-leather upper which ties up the shaft, a black and white mix of various tribal prints, a zipper on the back for no-fuss closure and easy on and off, and a very sexy 4 1/4" heel. For those who are looking for a more eye-catching color, the Fighter is also available in a black floral. Get either color for only $174.99 at

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