Shoe of the Day | TOMS Haiti Artist Collective Collection

Dynelle Skinner | Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | 0 comments

I remember attending a TOMS event where we got to paint and customize a pair of white TOMS and the feeling of empowerment and creativity running through me was unmeasurable. I was on a creative high that I still feel every time I wear them and every time someone compliments me on them. So after the devastation left by the earthquake on Haiti, I can only image how elated the local artists feel to get the chance to show the world their creativity thanks to TOMS.

The footwear brand has made a five-year commitment to produce millions of TOMS Giving Shoes at a manufacturing facility in Haiti and created the Haiti Artist Collective. This initiative is committed to creating shoe production jobs in Haiti and to help establish and support a responsible shoe industry in the country with a locally staffed and operated facility. In addition to shoe production, the coalition has commissioned local artists to create limited edition TOMS Shoes. Each pair of the visually stunning Haiti Artist Collective Footwear Collection is individually hand-painted by these amazing artists. Twenty-two Haitian artists are part of the Haiti Artist Collective and have introduced a beautiful collection of shoes, transforming the TOMS classics into unique must-haves. You can see the majority of the collection on our TOMS Haiti Artist Collective Slideshow. Each of the TOMS Haiti Artist Collective collection retails for $68.00 and is currently available for purchase on

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