Shoe of the Day | Melissa Shoes One by One Collection

Dynelle Skinner | Friday, June 10, 2016 | 0 comments

Have you ever accidentally left a shoe store with your new purchase only to later realize the box contains two left feet (or two right feet)? What if that didn't matter? No we're not telling you to somehow alter your feet or suffer uncomfortably by wearing the wrong shoe on the wrong foot. We mean, what if both sides of the shoes fit both of your feet? That is the vision behind the Melissa One by One Collection.

The concept behind the mind-blowing Melissa Shoes One by One Collection, a collection of super cute ballet flats, is that fits each sides of the shoe comfortable fits the left and the right foot. That;s right, they're interchangeable. Not only allowing you to never mistakenly put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot, but it also allows you to create your own shoe combination. What sorcery is this you may be wondering. Here's how it works, One by One is sold separately, as in one side/one shoe/half a pair. This allows you to create 81 pairs of shoes with the 9 available styles (as you can see the above photo only shows 8, that's because the solid black is currently sold out but should be in stock again soon).

You can rock a full striped Melissa Shoes One by One ballet flat with either a solid, half striped, or half polka dot ballet flat, or do full solid, full striped, etc. the possibilities are amazing. Each side is currently available at a special price of $25.00, so a full pair would only be $50.00. Buy four patterns and you have 16 shoe combinations to work with, at a total cost of $100.00. How awesome is that!! To begin creating your own shoe combination, head over to

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