Perfectly Paled: ETQ Amsterdam Low 5 Pale Pink Sneaker

Dave White | Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 0 comments

ETQ Amsterdam Low 5 Pale Pink Sneaker

Spring is when color returns to its full glory.  However, sometimes a little hint of color is enough to make all the difference and give a bit of depth to a canvas of all white.  ETQ Amsterdam offers up a nice segue from all white kicks with their Low 5 Pale Pink Sneaker.  The upper is a combo of full grain, perforated and nubuck leathers in pink, grey and white that are coolly seamed with nods to a classic German trainer sneaker and nicely set atop a clean Sanipur sole.  Handmade in Portugal with a calf leather lining and memory foam insoles, these shoes pretty much work with everything for the season with pieces that you would normally wear white footwear with.  Available now at

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