Black Female Designers Collab With Lebron James To Create Nike Remix Sneaker

Shoeography | Wednesday, May 29, 2019 | 0 comments

Trust is extremely important to the average online consumer. More than eight out of 10 stated that trustworthiness is the trait that makes them feel the most aligned with their favorite brands, although it is driven by many different factors. As a result, many companies spend decades cultivating their brand in a way that speaks to their customers.
Nike has mastered this skill, not only in appearance and branding (as 96% of consumers quoted design as the main reason they trusted a site) but also in terms of emotional connection. Consumers expect a two-way relationship with their brands, and Nike has proved yet again that it values the ideas and hard work of its customers. The retail giant has recently announced a remix of the beloved HFR x Nike Lebron 16 sneaker that debuted last year, featuring the creative input of designers Fe Noel, Undra Celeste, and Kimberly Goldson.

"With the response to the original drop being so positive, fans everywhere were left hoping that this would be just the beginning of an on-going project," wrote Jazmin Brooks in an article for Essence. "The moment was historic after all: three notable black female designers joining James and Nike to create their own shoe."

The previous year's iteration sold out in a staggering five minutes, leaving sneaker enthusiasts wanting more. The style has been updated to feature a spring-ready colorway of bright yellows and bold reds, while still retaining its popular silhouette. Because the sneakers are unisex, no one will be left out of the celebration.
The collaboration between Nike, NBA All-Star and Nike representative Lebron James, and these three black female designers reveals just how much the company values its consumers; not only is it bringing a popular shoe back into circulation, but it's doing so in partnership with the creative minds of its customers. The combination of these factors will undoubtedly drive consumer loyalty and advocacy for years to come.

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